Face Eating Phantom Men

by Melaina Kol

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BROCK PIERCE thumbnail
BROCK PIERCE amazing album, there wasnt one song i didnt enjoy on this. Doom + Kiss + Mask are equally my favorites Favorite track: Blood.
Eugene de g
Eugene de g thumbnail
Eugene de g hauntingly beautiful + melancholy with so many stand out tracks -
hearts rule and mouth tie for my favourite
cant wait to see where melaina kol goes
Changed my mind joy wins Favorite track: Joy.
Jordan Weinstock
Jordan Weinstock thumbnail
Jordan Weinstock actually reminds me of the way i felt the first time i heard duster and alex g, this is incredible Favorite track: Death.
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4s and the others

My heart will change when I choose
open my chest and see a pump
you will find nothing more
claimed by death
that doesn't rule in the absence of life
but in the presence of nothing
He rules me
You are Death

a Mother that says Joy is a Kiss from life

I watch them.
It breaks me
my bloods not red
I bleed a question
one at a time
I bleed doom
Snails that move faster than I

Hemlock on my tongue
I feel no shame
Put on a mask
and smile
I am nothing
you are nothing
this is nothing
and that is something

-Cory Halterman


released May 6, 2017

by Logan Hornyak

Thank you to Cory Halterman for mixing, editing, mastering, advice, and poem

Thanks to Ben for the album art



all rights reserved


Melaina Kol Youngsville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Doom
Lock in your room
with nothing to do
if things get too shrill
ill keep you still
keep me around
watch my insides turn out
I will be there
watching and waiting
thinking you care
and when I find out
you'll leave me to drown
you know where I'll be
watching and waiting
until you're alone
until you're a ghost
don't walk in my dreams
don't walk out on me
there's nothing to fear
you're not even here
and the sun will come out
and you'll shut your mouth

when you were alive
I felt the sky
I felt the moon
I felt the sun
and I felt your doom
coming too soon
Track Name: Hearts
They wont stop talking
they wont stop moving
I get dizzy from looking
I get sick from bottom feeding
I want it to be simple
but it cant be that easy
I miss you so much that its making me uneasy
there's a buzzing in your head from the last thing you said

I don't want anything
I just want to lie down and think through things

The hearts of all the people that you wanted to ignore are sitting in a bowl in heaven where all the walls are gold and there's a rustling in the wind from where your heart seems to have been and it's dried up cracked and destroyed
Track Name: Death
Do what you want
the world is yours
so walk out the door
you can do
you can see
you can be
the people that you meet
they don't want anything
the people that you meet
they wish you well but they couldn't care less about you

the restless noises on the streets
they don't even begin to beat
the restless noises in your head
the thoughts that tell you you are dead
I think I lost them way back when
I hope I can live without them
My God My God what have I done?
I miss her so much more than I thought I would
Track Name: Rule
You don't do anything without a choice
you said you were gonna make so much noise
saying the world will remember me for my voice
did you really think that they would rejoice?

when you were young you wanted control
you wished for power you wished for more
now you give away all of your shit
because you wont need it where you're going

you said I don't wanna die out I don't wanna be forgot I don't wanna play your games I don't wanna get caught doing anything but being put in the ground I wont bother you again I wont make a sound
Ever again

and nothing that happened here is ever your fault its just the way that it works I'm sorry how you found out
Ill miss you when you're gone from this world
I will miss your eternal soul
Track Name: You
Do what you want
you're an adult
you know the game so
you should know
I keep you still
when you get restless
I keep you filled
when you get hungry
I take your advice
and hurt you gently

Hear me
hear what I say
we are
we are feeling guilty
Track Name: Mom
He will break me
if he hears what I said
break bone with bloody hands
He's a liar
But I know that
Track Name: Joy
I lost my mind one year ago
It was stolen how was I supposed to know
I'm taking it back
and I'm going to keep it
I don't want anybody else to feel what I feel
when she is feeling

I took down the pictures
I hid them in my head
closed all of the curtains and I threw them out instead
all of the people that you adore they want so much more
do what you want to do
Track Name: Kiss
and every word she says is just another way
of telling me to go to hell but not to my face
and I thought you were the best thing that ever walked the Earth
but I guess the ground you walk on is from outer space
and the people that you step on are all over the place
and I hope I fucking die with a smile on my face

and I hope its hard for you every time you see my face

Baby with you I am always impressed
its like Ive got a blackhole sitting in my chest
and I always feel so invincible
until I see you face to face
I'm an asshole

and the world will die like you're asking it to do
cause there's no one here but you
Track Name: Them
Addicted to yourself
that's what they'd always sell
and they say they're always there
but I don't think they really care
and the proof is on the walls
saying it's all their fault
but you wont be able to see
soon you'll be as blind as me
we were always number one
shame we didn't get along
nothing else got sung
as long as you were gone
Track Name: Blood
You couldn't stop bugging it
You couldn't stop looking in
and now you see what it means to understand

Face eating phantom men
with horns sticking out of them
Hearts beating as fast as they can and he says there's no God here

Soon you'll be asking who am I
You're whoever you want until the day you die

A heavy dose of medicine
a killer you invited in
an escape from the thoughts that are bleeding you dry
death is without oxygen
death is from the phantom men
death comes when you count to ten
death is from the sky above
death to all the ones you love
death to the atmosphere death is the reason to focus on the living
Track Name: Break
When you broke
all the pieces fell off
you held onto the cloth and
you stripped what was left on

when you broke
you wanted to be alone
but everyone
was home
and they talk too loud

sweating to be alone
sweating to be alone
thinking about the times you had everything in check
nothing that had happened could ever of happened if you were alone

the lights are off in my head
ever since you were young you wanted control

people with big egos
anything and everything is too much too see
it's too hard too breathe
and its too hard to breathe
and you broke
Track Name: Snail
Smiling through your teeth
I know you hate talking
saw you just the other day
or at least I planned to
blue car on the hill
always makes me standstill
but I still come this way
even though I don't have to
Track Name: Mouth
all of the words came out of my head
down my neck
and into my mouth
and everyone there was afraid of my name
what a shame

they yelled it all the way to their graves
Oh my God

The last thing that I could remember that day
was the time and the place of my feet
now I'm alone in this big empty house
and there is nobody inside but me
Track Name: Mask
you fool you don't say my name
I will bury you in shame
I am the best thing that ever was
and you will regret the day you spoke

Just cause you say that you're not alive
doesn't mean that I cant see
that you're pulling on a chain
and that you're making a mistake
cause I will bury you in shame
this Earth will forget your name

I'm not certain there's a God
but if he's there than he's a fraud
he made me look just how I feel
and now I hate what I've become
and now I hate what I am